Free Powerpoint Master – Foundation Course for Beginners course

Free for Limited Time Only   Powerpoint Master - Foundation Course for Beginners

Get started with PowerPoint – The Ultimate Course for Learning PowerPoint


You will be skilled in the basic functions of PowerPoint and ready to create your own presentations
Good foundation knowledge about PowerPoint
Design your Powerpoint template
Work with texts and textboxes in PowerPoint
Apply design changes and formatting options
Work with view modes and access toolbars in Powerpoint
You will have a good basis to develop your skills to a high standard to become proficient in Powerpoint

This course is the right one for you if you are a beginner in PowerPoint and want to have a tutorial into the program that is esay to understand. The Powerpoint Master Foundation Course is teaching you the basics of PowerPoint to get started with the program. You will learn all the important basic functions and elements to gain a solid foundation knowledge of the program. The course contains 6 video lectures with the following contents: Basic functions of PowerPoint, working with slides, formatting and layout, presentation design, textwork with textboxes and view options.
Upon the completion of this course you will be ready to work with the program and you can create your own presentations. The Powerpoint  Master is the Ultimate Course for learning PowerPoint and helps you quickly and sustainably achieve results. Let’s start and you will be ready to go for PowerPoint today!

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Short Biography of Instructor:

Hi :), my name is Chris.
I am a creative person and am passionate about working with Powerpoint. I am also a Business Student and have gained working experience in a variety of different sectors of multinational organizations. Powerpoint and presenting have been crucial elements of my work. Over the Years I have enhanced my skills to a high standard. I have learned how to communicate data effectively and how to design Top-Class presentations. I enjoy working on creative and exciting processes and projects. With the Powerpoint Master, I would like to
share my experience with you, help you getting skilled with Powerpoint and hope that together we can make a difference and CREATE GREAT PRESENTATIONS!

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Powerpoint Master – Foundation Course for Beginners
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