Free Social Psychology Introductory Animated MasterClass course

Free for Limited Time Only   Social Psychology Introductory Animated MasterClass

This is an introductory animated masterclass on an introductions to Social Psychology.


Learn an introductions to social psychology
Learn a historical perspective of social psychology
Learn developments of social psychology from 1908 -1945 AD
Learn and understand the developments of social psychology from 1945-1970 AD
Learn and understand the developments of Social Psychology from 1970 AD onwards..
Learn the fundamental axioms of social psychology
Learn the relationship of social psychology with other sciences

The mind is one of the biggest mysteries the human race has every encountered. The mind is in control of everything that we see and we perceive. It is what regulates our bodies functions, stores our memories, invokes our feelings and overall helps us make sense of our reality. Without our mind, we would not exist in the way that we do.
The problem comes in is with our knowledge of the mind. With all of the advancements in science, technology, and philosophy we are no closer to understanding the mere basics of why the brain does what it does. We only can theorize.
In the advancement we have been able to shave away a little of the mystery and stigma associated with the social psychology
In this course, we are going to explore an introductions to social psychology. We are going to talk about the nature and definition of social psychology, developments of social psychology etc..
At the end of this course, it is my hope that you will have a better understanding of social psychology introductions.  It is my goal to educate you and make you aware of an introductions to Social Psychology.

Course Published  By Harish Vepuri
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Social Psychology Introductory Animated MasterClass
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