Free Specialization in Java: Part I – For Beginners. course

Free for Limited Time Only   Specialization in Java: Part I - For Beginners.

Complete Java Video Tutorials for beginners. Best Online Java developer course. Free Java Course. Java Basic Concepts.


Gain basic programming concepts like variables, operators, control statements(like ifelse and switch), etc.
Get the basics of Java Required for Android Development
Develop beginner level programs in Java

So if you are in search of Complete Java video tutorials or for an online video course to learn java programming(Object Oriented Programming – OOP)  than you are at the right place. This course assumes that you have no prior programming skills, and teaches you programming from scratch covering all the basic concepts in Java.
This course is for complete beginners to programming as well as java, and it is one of the quick ways to learn java to crack java interviews.
This course covers the basics of programming and introduces fundamental programming concepts like variables, operators, control statements and loops using Java. The course also covers explanation on all lexical units like keywords, identifiers, separators, constants,etc.
This course also covers concepts about the  java compiler and the JVM-Java Virtual Machine to explain the students, how java source code is transformed into class file and executed by a computer.
We will see why java is different from other programming languages like C. Why it is called an Object Oriented Programming Language and, What actually are Objects and Classes in Java.
We are also going to cover variable declaration and initialization and different data types that are defined in java like int, double, float, byte, char, Boolean, long, and even declaring a String. But the string class will be covered in the next course of this specialization. We will also cover type conversion in java.
This course also covers the complete description of all the operators provided in java. Mainly there are four different types of operators Arithmetic, Bitwise, Logical and Boolean Logic operators which are defined in java and are covered in detail in this course.
And finally in this course we are going to discuss condition statements like if/else and switch statements which are found in almost every program.
This is covers concept which are required for Android Application Development. Because Android is implemented in java and to program in android you will need the fundamentals of java.
And the most interesting part of this course is that we are going to create a game to apply all the concepts that we have learned in this tutorial.
With this course, you will learn basics concepts in java in a very short period of time.
This course and this specialization is the complete reference in java.

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Short Biography of Instructor:

Satya Patel is a Software Developer, Java Programmer, Web developer, Android App Developer And much more…
He has a lot of skills related to Programming and Algorithms.
He has experience in programming languages like Java, Python, C, HTML, CSS, Android and JavaScript.
Since past few years he is studying Machine Learning to build recommender systems that companies like Amazon uses to recommend products.
– “If you want to be successful, Never Stop Learning”.

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Specialization in Java: Part I – For Beginners.
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