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Free for Limited Time Only   The Organic Chemistry Course

A Deeper Understanding of the Backbone of Chemistry


name organic compounds
interpret skeletal and displayed formula of organic compounds
identify functional groups
describe the formation of organic compounds
explain and compare the acidity/basicity/reactivty of organic compounds
identify which organic compounds are present in a solution

Be a master of Organic Chemistry!
This is a very comprehensive course for Organic Chemistry designed for Pre-University level students with basic General Chemistry knowledge.
If you want to have a deeper understanding of Organic Chemistry, this course is for you! You will learn how to name and  draw the structures of organic compounds, understand their reactions and behavior, understand their synthesis, and in turn, this course will serve as a stepping stone in understanding your surroundings at a micro level. You would realize why free radicals are dangerous and you would realize that drugs synthesized in the lab may act differently from naturally-occurring ones.
You will get lifetime access to the course which includes notes and a comprehensive mindmap in order for you to memorise the main organic reactions. This also includes future updates such as Basic General Chemistry used in Organic Chemistry and Biochemstry. If you are stuck with your homework, drop the question in the Q&A section and I will gladly help in anyway possible.
This course is free! So what are you waiting for?
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Short Biography of Instructor:

Joe Marc Valdez has an GCE A Levels certificate. During his time in high school, he has tutored fellow students in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. His team’s research paper in high school was the ‘Effectiveness of Azadirachta Indica as the Main Ingredient of a Lice Shampoo’. He is passionate in the field of science and he will be pursuing a career in this field.

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