Free Ultimate SQL and DataBase Concepts course

Free for Limited Time Only   Ultimate SQL and DataBase Concepts

Learn SQL and Database Core Concepts: This SQL Tutorial will cover all Major SQL concepts from Scratch.


SQL Fundamentals
Understand Complex SQL Concepts in Easy way using daily life examples
Construct SQL Statements
Use SQL to retrieve data from database
Selecting Data From Database
Restricting and Sorting Data from DB
Grouping Data From DB
Construct SQL statements that will let them work with more than two tables
Use SQL Functions
Work with SQL Operators and find out precedence
Nesting in SQL

SQL developers are earning higher salary in IT industry, but, its not about writing queries its about understanding and applying the right query at right time and this course will let you understand complex SQL Statements in an easy way .
Moreover, This Course will teach you how to extract Data from Database and write complex queries to a database This course will focus on a wider scale by Covering Structure Query Language SQL concepts as a whole, whether Students work with MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Server, etc.
This course have 5 Chapters in which you will learn
Course is Designed for College and University Students who want Solid SQL and Data Base Concepts in a short period of time.

Course Published  By Jazeb Akram (Average rating- 4.7/5, Total Ratings- 79 )

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its Jazeb. let me tell you about myself . i am 24, living in Lahore, Pakistan. I’ve been working as a Freelancer since 2011. Recently i have joined world best learning platforms  as an online instructor. Eventually People ask me why you are in online teaching business. The reason i came into teaching from my successful freelance experience because i always love to teach and get very passionate about development and assisting others to achieve success in the field of programming. when i was in my college, one thing that always made me wonder that why people are learning without skills? why students are paying enough but what they are gaining? Nothing. why? so i came into this solution that i have to jump in for all the stragglers who want to achieve skills for their career. that’s why at the end of my courses students are finding unique skills that they can really use in their life and boost up their career.
i am a developer and web designer with the great passion for building beautiful new Desktop/Web Applications from scratch. I also have a University Degree in Computer Science (Hons). and a Research Paper in Software Quality Assurance.
i am helping many students online by teaching Online Courses on different Platforms
in Computer sciences, web development.Contact me on my web or here, if you need any assistance online.
Jazeb Akram

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Ultimate SQL and DataBase Concepts
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