Free Wisdom Warriors 10 Laws To Empower Men For Christian Living course

Free for Limited Time Only   Wisdom Warriors 10 Laws To Empower Men For Christian Living

A course for men that want to live, love, and leave a Christ Centered Legacy. It is focused on the 10 Laws of Wisdom.


Define the 10 Laws of Wisdom
Understand what the Bible says about Wisdom
Practice Wisdom in daily lives
Explain how Jesus practiced Wisdom and is WISDOM
Create a logical assessment of wisdom shown by biblical people in the old and new testaments
Ulitlize challenges and devoltionals to apply in your daily lives
Memorize, recite or create prayers that revolve around wisdom from the Bible
Apply wisdom in relationships, health, fitness, family, leadership and more

This program is all about living and understanding what it means to be wise in the eyes of God.  It is focused on Christian theology to be directly applied to worldly living.  The 10 laws of Wisdom focus on making choices and decisions that will help men become leaders in society, church, family, and career.  Grow in faith and become part of something greater with Wisdom Warriors.  Here is a summary of what you get
This program is based upon years of Biblical Study and real world experience.  So many times we get caught up in the details of life that we forget what success really means.  If you are ready to strengthen your mind and your heart in Christianity this will be an amazing program for you.  The lectures are broken up into the 10 Laws of Wisdom with specific passages and examples along with an explanation from a Christian perspective.

Course Published  By Jeremy Belter (Average rating- 4.6/5, Total Ratings- 15 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

Visionary Premium Udemy Instructor focused on transforming lives.  Jeremy has 10 five star reviews, 12 courses, and over 2000 students.
The vision is to educate, empower, and transform thousands of lives. 
The mission is to be a Christianpreneuer (Christian Entrepreneur) by further developing my God giving abilities for entrepreneurial vision and service toward others.
Core Values
-Two sport college athlete
-Graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran College
-Owner of Fitness Revolution Brookfield
-Blendfresh Consultant and Coach
-Trained over 20,000 sessions
-8 Different Fitness And Nutrition Certifications
-Certified Personal Trainer for over 12 years
-12 Five Stars on Thumbtack
-Flagship Udemy program called The Ultimate Weight Management Game Plan 
-Member of Toastmasters International High Point Club Brookfield, Wisconsin
-Serviced over half a million dollars in fitness and nutrition programs
-Trained Baby Boomers, retirees, moms, business owners, high school/college athletes, recreation athletes, and former Olympic athletes
Jeremy grew up in rural Minnesota where he developed appreciation for hard work and All American values.  Through perseverance and dedication Jeremy played two sports at Wisconsin Lutheran College. He went on to graduate from there with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree.
Jeremy is a visionary leader and thinker with a focus in maximizing his ability to serve and help others.  He is an entrepreneur, author, business owner, weight loss/fitness coach, husband and father.  He has helped countless people become more healthy and fit.  His futuristic thinking drives him to see the possibilities for his clients.  He loves to see the transformations in other people and creating courses that educate and empower others.
Jeremy has trained over 20,000 training sessions and has over 6 certifications in fitness and nutrition.  With his experience he believes he has “cracked the code” to long term weight loss and fitness.
The key is metabolic functioning and supportive nutrition. Building lean muscle tissue speeds up metabolism and burns fat. Helping clients become more functional and strong – unleashing the “athlete within,” so to speak – is the focus!
With short (20- to 30-minute), highly-targeted workouts using resistance to achieve true fitness. Yes, less really is more. Coupled with nutrition coaching, sleep, stress management, psychology coaching, and lifestyle changes, you can get healthier and feel better no matter where you are at now.
Sure, you can spend hours on a treadmill or stationary bike. You’ll probably lose some weight. But endless cardio doesn’t create real health … and that’s what it’s all about!
This isn’t just about his clients, either. His dedication to helping others is absolute. He has raised thousands of dollars for charities, and constantly seeks new ways to serve others.
Jeremy has been featured on Fox6 news and other media outlets as a fitness expert and coach.
He is inspired to continually help others achieve more and become the best version of YOU!
His main clientele are baby boomers, retirees, busy parents, entrepreneurs and other health/fitness coaches.  He is humbled and honored to help so many people in different capacities.
Jeremy is married to his wife Melissa for nearly 10 years and has two children, Autumn and Levi. He is active in his church and community. His faith in God, vision for the future, and value in helping others is what drives him to be his best.
Six Udemy Five Star Testimonials
“I have been looking for this information for a very long time. I was put on a diet pill and was given no direction on how to control my weight loss or how to maintain it once I started losing. Once I stopped the diet pills my doctor prescribed me I started to slowly put the weight back on.” Gale
“Loved this short course to ki

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Wisdom Warriors 10 Laws To Empower Men For Christian Living
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