Free Zero to Guitar Fingerpicking in 30 days course

Free for Limited Time Only   Zero to Guitar Fingerpicking in 30 days

How to go from complete beginner to guitar fingerpicking in 30 days


Play the most common guitar chords in a fingerpicking style
Be able to play a bassline with your thumb at the same time as playing a melody with your fingers
Understand how to break down fingerpicking patterns into the bass/thumb and the melody/fingers and how to practice building up the component parts
Read tablature and play along to a metronome
Have a formula for composing your own fingerpicking patterns
Play in alternate bass, travis picking and clawhammer styles

Go from complete beginner to guitar fingerpicking in 30 Days
I have taught dozens of students to go from never having picked up a guitar before to being really accomplished players. Over the years, I have experimented and realised that there is a way to teach students that seems like starting with what many would believe to be a ‘complex’ or ‘advanced’ style – fingerpicking using the thumb and three fingers – is actually the best way for a complete beginner to learn.
There is good reason for this. The traditional method of learning chords and strumming them is relatively easy to do, but actually surprisingly hard to do well. Listen to any beginner strum a set of chords and you see it is hard for the beginner to sound musical after a couple of days. But if you start picking strings individually, then after 4 or 5 days, you can play some really nice pieces. And this is the key: rewarding the student from day one, enabling them to sound musical within the first week. Believe me, I have seen this work time and time again.
When you want to learn the guitar, it matters hugely which course and teacher you pick. The cost of getting this wrong isn’t that you lose out on $30-50, it is that the teaching may not stick for you and you may end up with a life where you never learn guitar, rather a life where picking up the guitar is a huge joy and pleasure for you, whether just on your own or playing with other musicians.
For a complete beginner, there is no more effective and no more enjoyable, musical and confidence building way than to start with a couple of chords and a fingerpicking technique.
How is this course structured?
This course is designed to be followed by students in a 30 day period. Of course, some students may go faster and some slower – (if you cover this material in 60 days, you’re still doing a great job). The course has five sections
Note that each section has 5-7 individual lessons with a homework exercise after each lesson. At the beginning of the following lesson, I will give tips for anyone stuck with practical ways to get it mastered if you’re finding it difficult.

At the end of my course, students will be able to…

What materials will come with this course?
Each lesson has a HD video with three camera angles (full, left hand and right hand) so that you can zone in and see what each hand is doing. Each lesson also comes with a downloadable PDF and the relevant music tablature for each lesson.
Who should take this course?
This course is ideal for complete beginners. You don’t need to know anything about music or guitar playing to start. If you own or can borrow a guitar for thirty days, then you’re all set.
It is also perfect for “failed beginners”. Students who maybe toyed around with a guitar for a few months, maybe even learned a few chords but got bored because it wasn’t musical or rewarding enough and just strumming those few chords never sounded that great. If you don’t mind going slowly at first to get to more than just strumming chords, then this is for you.
Note that you do not need any previous experience with music to take this course.
Who should not?
If you having been playing guitar for years and have already several fingerpicking pieces you can play, this course could be too basic for you.
What will students need before starting the course?
Students will need to have a guitar.

Course Published  By Patrick O’Malley (Average rating- 4.3/5, Total Ratings- 11 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

My name is Patrick O’Malley. I have been giving guitar lessons for over 15 years and about ten years ago, I started teaching all my new students to fingerpick from lesson one. I noticed that the students who started this way almost always stuck with the instrument and kept returning for more lessons. I also noticed that they were far more musical and creative from an early stage, in comparison to students who began with chords, scales and theory. I still meet and play with many of them to this very day.
Believe it or not, I was very good at maths when I was younger and to make extra money I would give maths lessons to kids (teenagers) when I was in college. I always noticed one thing about maths – wherever anyone was stuck, they were always missing a key building block that was necessary. In my guitar teaching, I have over the years observed what common building blocks students are missing to understand what is required to play guitar and indeed fingerpicking, so I’m confident that the way everything is presented here is going to give students what they need to get competent and hopefully continue learning far beyond that.

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Zero to Guitar Fingerpicking in 30 days
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