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(97% OFF) Basics of Cost Accounting course $7

This course is about Basics of Cost Accounting. Costing and Cost Accounting is very important subject for every learner who aspires career in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Knowledge of Costing a... more ››

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(97% OFF) Economics for Accounting and Finance Professionals course $7

Welcome to course on "Economics for Accounting and Finance Professionals" Finance, Accountancy and Economics are three different business subjects but with inter dependence, similarities and of cou... more ››

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(97% OFF) Basics of Banking course $7

Are you looking for planning your career in Banking Industry? Are you science graduate but interested in learning about Banking in view of immense employment opportunity? Are you a commerce grad... more ››

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(97% OFF) Inventory Valuation course $7

Welcome to this course on Inventory Valuation. Every business involved in manufacture / trade of products will carry some inventories regularly. Inventory may be in the form of goods held for sa... more ››

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(97% OFF) Accounting for Deferred Taxes course $5

Welcome to this course on Accounting for Deferred Taxes Are you an Accounting / Finance / Auditing Student? Are you a Banker / Financial or Project Consultant? Are you coming across Deferred Taxes oft... more ››

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