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100% Discount. Black Belt Communication: Verbal Skills for a Bolder New You course. Ori...

Communication is not a choice; whether you are speaking or silent, you are always communicating. How well you do it, furthermore, largely determines the quality of your life. But communicating with... more ››

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100% Discount. The iPad Apps Starter Kit: Discover the power of Apps course. Original p...

Get the most out of your iPad or iPad Mini with these step-by-step video tutorials. (Updated January 2015) This course has Closed Captions (CC) Do you need help to master your iPad? Would beg... more ››

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100% Discount. Design A Kick-Butt HTML Web Page or Mini Site with Photoshop course. Ori...

Why design your own website template when you can just purchase a theme or template right??.......WRONG! The problem with purchasing a website template is that often dozens,100s, or even 1000s of o... more ››

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100% Discount. Humor at Work: Stop Hating Your Job and Love What You Do course. Origina...

Learn how to reduce stress, improve morale, and enjoy your work more by using humor in the workplace. Just because you have a job, it doesn't mean you have to hate it. In this course, you'll learn ... more ››

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(97% OFF) Freelancing 2.0: Skyrocket Profits and Scale Your Business course $19

>>Are you stuck in freelance mode, working for yourself but still a slave to your client's demand?<< I'm sure you are sick of trading time for money! It is time to STOP - go from being ... more ››

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