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Speed Reading for Business. Read 97% Faster or Money Back! course-97% OFF

It takes 4 hours to fast forward your career. Learn how to blast through your books, documents and social media. Lifetime access to 43 lectures 4+ hours of high quality content A community of 1200+... more ››

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Photoshop Professor Notes – Photoshop for Photographers course-97% OFF

ACR, Bridge and Photoshop - A Master Class for Photographers ... Lifetime access to 67 lectures and 4 quizzes 10+ hours of high quality content A community of 200+ students learning together! P... more ››

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Ninja Blog Secrets: Total WordPress Mastery – Brand Yourself course-97% OFF

This click-by-click training will take you from Web Newbie to WordPress Ninja as you build your personal brand online. Lifetime access to 58 lectures 6+ hours of high quality content A community of... more ››

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How To Use Personas & Scenarios To Design The Best Product course-97% OFF

How to use personas and scenarios before you design so you can save time, save money and design it right the first time. Lifetime access to 24 lectures A community of 300+ students learning togethe... more ››

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Ruby on Rails course-97% OFF

Learn To Integrate Front End and Back End Development with the Ruby Programming Language and Rails Framework Lifetime access to 56 lectures 5+ hours of high quality content You've learned HTML ... more ››

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